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The Teenaflix Story

The story starts when I was 13 years old and I got horny from almost everything, I don't know how it happened, but I got insanely horny on my teen cousin with her bright black hair, her pretty face, her big breasts that I kept looking at without her noticing, her delicate curves in her body, the caramel-colored skin, and the big ass that goes through all the girls in the family, for two years I just fantasized and raped her, even sneaking around. When she came to visit, standing there quietly admiring these big breasts and her shaved glass sometimes taking pictures and masturbating to them until my balls emptied out of semen.

A few years later, my teen cousin came to visit. She was wearing a shirt with the cleavage and a tight mini dress that got her ass kicked, and after a while she came into my room and closed the door, she started asking for me and saw that she was a little embarrassed and blushed.

After a little talk, she said, "Listen, teenaflix, I'm going to ask you something, and I'm trusting you not to tell anybody and agree to help me, I need you to teach me how to pledge a man if you know what I mean," and I guess I figured out what she means, "I've been saving myself for the wedding, but now I'm not sure about this big pair of breasts, and her hair, and you. That dress almost exposes her glass and ass, playing with her black hair trying to make me horny so I can agree. On the one hand, my mind tells me not to do it, she's my cousin and she's getting married but the dick told me to do it, we waited too long for it and we're not gonna give up now.

"Aren't you getting married soon?" I was crying out while my teenaflix dick was nearly tearing my underwear apart, but he didn't know that he was going away for a few days to his bachelor party, so he didn't know about it, either," and I couldn't help but she kept exposing more and more of her tan body parts. I was really devastated by this nerd, "Yeah, why don't I teach you," and I said, "I'll give her joy, "Thank you, come in two days when my fiance leaves and starts." She left and I went to masturbate with teenaflix. I squished to the ceiling with a lot of horny.

First Day

I got to her house, and I knocked on the door, and she opened my clothes in this tight leotard that kicks her breasts and you can see her tiny nipples, and she also wore a mini skirt that flicked off her big ass.

"Come in, I just finished making the bed." I came in speechless, in shock from what I see. I thought this moment would never come."

Let's start with foreplay first like a blow job or a cup lick." After I explained it to her about these two things, I took her into the room, "Get on your knees," I told her and she did. I explained to her how to suck a dick and she started to act, starts kissing softly the tip of my dick the way I like it and then puts it in and sucks with a whole lot of rock in my mouth. I'm grabbing her head back, pushing and pulling back, putting in deep and out, she's choking and smiling.

"Do you like it, my student?" My teenaflix felt so hot in her mouth and all the saliva that ran out of my teenaflix just made me want to come. And I put it on my feet and put it on my bed. I explained to her about postures, and she lay on her bed, and I started her life off, and she moaned along for the first time, my dick, which was bashed in her narrow, virgin glass, warmed up in her cup and I saw how she turned red in her face, which just made me fuck her harder and faster.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love it. Keep it up, tear me up, rape the shit out of me." I grabbed her in the breasts and I pulled her in the breasts, slapped her breasts, played around, and licked them.

What's the tickle in the cup I feel? It's so pleasant. Go on harder. Don't stop.

"Maybe you're about to come, I think I'm close, too." I kept fucking her, and as I shove her finger in a glass, barely leaves room for her dick, which lit her up more.

"What's that liquid coming out of my cup? It's hot and tasty" is a question: "It's called a spillage or a chalk and it's my turn to finish you so get back on your knees and open your mouth, she'll do as I say, and I've spilled hot sperm in my mouth and I've instructed her to swallow.

"It's delicious, like mine" said, wiped with her finger on semen from the chin and came in here. This is where the first day ends.